Over 3,000,000 reprocessed aluminum wheels and counting.
No paint, steel, contaminants Cheaper & Cleaner than A356 ingot Less dross generation Faster melt rate / lower energy costs


1)   Made from the highest quality A356 metal by wheel manufacturers with stringent quality standards. Most wheels are 100% inspected by x-ray and unlike ingots the user can be assured that the wheel is free of entrapped dross and/or oxides.
Most ingots are poured by tapping from the bottom of reverberatory or sweat furnaces. All sludge off the bottom of the furnaces flow into the ingot or sow mold.
Typically even filtered ingots are poured at the rate of 10,000 + lbs/hr. naturally the filter size has to be coarse enough to allow the flow rate. It is for this reason that all Safety Critical part manufacturers always re-filter their metal with fine pore filters before pouring.
Most ingot and sows are produced using water surface cooling process, increasing the possibility of surface oxidation and increased thickness of the surface oxide layer.

2)   Foundry tests and production data has demonstrated that a charge made exclusively of the AWT reprocessed A356 wheels produces equal or lesser dross than furnaces using ingots or sows.

3)   Re-processed to meet cleanliness standards of new production wheels. Guaranteed to be free of paint, steel or any contaminants. The cleanliness of the wheel is in front of the consumer to analyze, since the interior of the casting is guaranteed to be free of oxide and entrapped dross. Unlike other processes that may crush used wheels the AWT product is in the as-cast form and easily inspected by the user for cleanliness and quality.

4)   Will easily melt in reverberatory and other types of furnaces without the problem of smoking, gas entrapment, dross formation, surface sticking of the scrap and difficulty of loading, associated with smaller size scrap.

5)   Weight of the wheels 16 - 24 lbs matches favorably with traditional ingots.

6)   Wheels are supplied on special skids with 1000 lbs per skid, with special packaging to assure safe handling.

7)   Significant cost savings to customers as compared to primary A356 pricing.

8)   All loads are accompanied by an EPA certification of clean charge. All EPA Testing and process qualification data and permits are available for customers to review.

Quality Policy

Aluminum Wheel Technologies Inc. is committed to establishing and maintaining a Quality Management System that is in compliance with the ISO 9001:2000 standard.
Our continuing quality improvement plan ensures that the refinishing of rims at our facility not only meets, but also exceeds our customer’s requirements.

Complete customer satisfaction is the number one goal of all personnel at Aluminum Wheel Technologies Inc.

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